THIS week the NFL takes another step towards Super Bowl 52 with the divisional play-offs.

The 32 teams that started in September have been sliced down to a final eight for the second round of the play-offs.

Last week's wildcard round saw a couple of teams back in the hunt after over a decade of no post-season football.

For the divisional round each home team have had a week off after winning their division and each away team have seen off a challenger in the first round.

To get the lowdown on each match-up, we've asked local experts and Wiltshire's own amateur American football club to put up some predictions.

Swindon Storm are themselves gearing up for their own assault on the National League's Super Bowl, known as "Brit Bowl".

In 2017 the Storm finished the regular season with seven wins and just three losses, earning the first National play-off game in their history.

If you want to get involved Storm are currently recruiting and are holding tryouts at Supermarine FC's indoor "Swindome".

They are on Sunday, February 11 starting at 2.30pm. The club supplies all equipment and no experience is needed.

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Steve Bennett, Storm senior team special teams co-ordinator

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Atlanta Falcons 21-9 Philadelphia Eagles

EAGLES stand-in quarterback Nick Foles will fail to deliver a single touchdown and the Falcons will steadily pull away with three touchdowns against just a trio of field goals from Philadelphia.

New Orleans Saints 17-23 Minnesota Vikings

DEFENCE wins Championships! The Vikings' strong defence will do enough to hold back the Saint's explosive offense.

Tennessee Titans 10-17 New England Patriots

THE Titans will much better than anyone expects, but Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick will outscheme them for the win.

Jacksonville Jaguars 12-10 Pittsburgh Steelers

THE Jags pulling off a safety will be the difference in this close game.

Steelers' quarterback big Ben Roethlisberger will get picked off four times by the hungry, young Jacksonville defence, killing off several game-winning opportunities.

Ben Weller-Evans, senior team wide receiver and Junior Varsity squad graduate

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Atlanta Falcons 31-13 Philadelphia Eagles

EAGLES just aren't the same without quarterback Carson Wentz and the Falcons always have the potential to put up major points with stand-out players Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman.

New Orleans Saints 20-24 Minnesota Vikings

VIKINGS' home advantage and defence comes up key against an explosive Saints team.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees will struggle to amount to much against the Vikings defence with counterpart Case Keenum just doing enough to give the Vikings the win.

Tennessee Titans 16-34 New England Patriots

THE Patriots are just a far better team and far better coached.

The Pats will limit Derrick Henry and Marcus Mariota rushing the ball and challenge them to throw it all game, which will cause the Titans' downfall.

Jacksonville Jaguars 20-13 Pittsburgh Steelers

BLAKE Bortles barely manages to get the team through as the defence shuts down (a possibly still hurt) Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell and Leonard Fournette punches in 2 touchdowns.

Luke McEnroe, senior team running back

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Atlanta Falcons 16-20 Philadelphia Eagles

EAGLES to take an early lead, Falcons run out of time to catch up.

New Orleans Saints 34-27 Minnesota Vikings

SAINTS and Vikings will be a shootout, both teams on par with each other. Alvin Kamara to seal the win with a touchdown.

Tennessee Titans 24-21 New England Patriots

TITANS score in the fourth quarter from a Mariota rushing touchdown to take it to overtime, win the toss and kick a field goal for the win.

Jacksonville Jaguars 10-31 Pittsburgh Steelers

BORTLES to throw three interceptions. Antonio Brown returns with a bang. Steelers to run away with the game.

Joe Kerslake, senior team offensive lineman

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Atlanta Falcons 23-14 Philadelphia Eagles.

FALCONS to come back from two scores down and kick a field goal late in the game.

New Orleans Saints 31-34 Minnesota Vikings.

KAMARA to run up a number of touchdowns but it won’t be enough to stop the Vikings, who are desperate for that home Super Bowl.

Tennessee Titans 28-23 New England Patriots

MARIOTA to disappointingly finish the game without a receiving touchdown. Brady to get picked off by Kevin Byard in the final Pats possession.

Jacksonville Jaguars 3-31 Pittsburgh Steelers.

BLAKE Bortles to finish the game with two interceptions and the Steelers to run up the score from the offset.

Adam Day, senior team defensive back and kicker

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Atlanta Falcons 24-21 Philadelphia Eagles

Falcons will win with a late field goal sealing the victory.

New Orleans Saints 34-33 Minnesota Vikings

MICHAEL Thomas to catch the last Saints touchdown in a shootout, before the Vikings miss a last-minute field goal

Tennessee Titans 27-21 New England Patriots

Pats QB Tom Brady to be picked late in the game for a Titans win.

Jacksonville Jaguars 17-24 Pittsburgh Steelers

THE Jags will put up a good fight but fail to convert a late fourth down, putting the game out of reach.