A NEW National Ice Hockey League structure is possible next season, after the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) revealed proposals have been circulated to clubs operating under the current structure.

Swindon Wildcats – currently members of the NIHL South One Britton Conference – intend to play in the new top division of the NIHL, should the EIHA’s proposed new structure go ahead.

A statement issued by the EIHA confirmed that all clubs will discuss the move at a face-to-face meeting later this month.

It read: “The proposal includes a new top division, which will sit above the current division 1 in north and south.

The NIHL Management Group (NLMG) are also looking to see if any new applications will be forthcoming to join the NIHL structure whether they are new teams or second teams from existing clubs.”

An NLMG spokesman added:: "We are grateful to the clubs for their patience while this process has followed its course.

"The result is a viable structure which we believe has the support of all interested parties.

"We look forward to seeing all club representatives at the meeting where the aim is to have all divisions planned so everyone knows where they stand for next season.

"Details on the final agreed structure will be published as soon as possible after the meeting."