SWINDON Wildcats player-coach Aaron Nell says a second import signing is the top priority of his remaining summer recruitment activity.

The Cats’ import line-up will have a new look for the 2019-20 season after Czech club captain Jan Kostal and Swede Jonas Hoog both announced their retirements.

Former Israel international Max Birbraer has also revealed he will not make a full-time commitment to a club next term.

Nell has already pulled off a major coup during the off-season after completing a deal to bring Polish forward Tomasz Malasinksi back to the club following a two-year absence.

With clubs able to register two imports on their roster in the newly-formed National League next season, the Cats still have one slot left to fill.

Including himself, Nell has a total of 12 players signed up to his 2019-20 squad, but the Cats coach says the emphasis now will be on locking in a second quality new recruit from overseas.

“The big thing for me is looking for the next import,” said Nell.

“Bringing Tomasz back was very good news for us. I am sure he is going to be a big player in the league and now it is important we get the right person for that second import slot.

“Those players can make all the difference when it comes to putting us as high up in the table as we can be next season.

“Hopefully, we can get the right person who is going to turn out to be a great player for us.”

Nell has already seen advances towards one potential target fail to come to fruition, and the Cats coach says he will not rush into any deal as he looks to bring the right man to the Link Centre.

“You have got to do a lot of homework,” said Nell.

“There are a lot of imports out there but there are also a lot of teams in all different countries with bigger budgets than we have who want these players too.

“It is about being patient. If that means we wait until July or August to sign that import, then we are happy to do that.

“There was one player a couple of weeks ago that I was very keen on but, unfortunately, he went to play in Europe.

“As the summer goes on, the market gets a bit cheaper, so you have just got to be patient and make sure you get the right person.”