COVENTRY boss Gary Havelock has been impressed with the impact made by Michael Jepsen Jensen since being brought into his Bees side.

The World Cup winning Dane replaced former Swindon rider Ryan Fisher earlier this month, with his ability to team ride most impressing Havelock.

“Michael is actually a breath of fresh air for the team, because right from his first race last week he was looking for his team-mate, and he is a fantastic team rider,” Havelock said.

“Unfortunately team-riding is a dying art in speedway, and you don’t see much of it any more. I’m probably showing my age but when I first started racing it was drummed into me that I had to look for my team-mate.

“Over the years it seems to have died out, I don’t know if it’s down to the money in the sport or whatever with riders being too worried about their own performances, but Michael looks for his partner every time.

“We are in a good position now with three good heat-leaders, and that makes a massive difference.”