IT is double joy for Swindon Robins reserve rider Steve Worrall as the expecting father has been crowned the Swindon Advertiser's Swindon Robins Rider of the Year.

The Merseyside born racer was surprised when he was revealed as the Adver readers' choice after a strong debut season.

The 23-year-old had to miss the annual dinner and dance that brought to an end the speedway season for the Robins as his girlfriend is expecting their first child and will receive his trophy at a later date.

His form since heading to the Abbey Stadium last winter has been good with a 7.54 average, claiming 35 wins in his 25 meets.

“I am a bit shocked; obviously it is voted for by the readers, I didn’t think I would be chosen for that one,” said Worrall.

“I wouldn’t change any of it, it has been a really good season, it’s a shame it ended the way it did but it has been really good.

“It’s been really good riding at the Abbey, I’ve really enjoyed it, especially being around (Peter) Kildemand and Troy, two GP riders, well Kildemand should be a GP rider.

“Being around them and seeing how they work, and you could always go and ask Troy (Batchelor) for any kind of help, it was good.

“Rosco (Alun Rossiter) had quite a big impact on my year, he helped me a lot and we talked a lot over winter once we found out that I was going to be riding for Swindon and the little things before a race and little things like that he helped with.

“Being a rider himself, he knows what it is like on the track, when someone else is coming up and giving you a bit of advice and it helps you out while you’re on track.”

Worrall lined up in all three tiers of the sport this year– riding for Cradley Heathens in the National League and Edinburgh Monarchs in the Premier League alongside his Elite League commitments with Swindon.

The young rider is hoping for a return to the Abbey next year to pick up where he left off but his future is unclear, and his immediate focus will be on his new child.

“I am expecting my first child, it is a good feeling but I’ll let you know when it’s here, hopefully it is not too long now,” added Worrall.

“I just want to say thank you, it is an unexpected thing and it is something I wouldn’t have dreamed of when I first went to Swindon and I didn’t think anything would come like this.

“There are good things to come next year, the way things have gone this year hopefully things will just get better and progress next year and we can go a bit further.

“I’m not sure what is happening next year yet but hopefully I will be back at the Abbey.”