SWINDON Robins boss Alun Rossiter believes no-one deserves to be world champion more than his captain Jason Doyle.

The 32-year-old goes into this morning’s Melbourne GP knowing that eight points will see him claim his first FIM Speedway World Championship.

Last year, the Australian’s title bid was brought to an end by injury, which saw him suffer a whole host of injuries including a punctured lung, shattered elbow and dislocated shoulder.

This season the Swindon skipper suffered three broken bones in his right-foot but raised some eyebrows by continuing to ride both domestically and internationally with the injuries, despite needing crutches to help him walk.

Rossiter thinks his captain has shown immense mental strength and believes it will be a dream come true for the Australian to become world champion on home soil.

“You think about all of the adversity he has had to go through, I think most riders would have taken some time off after his foot,” Rossiter told the Advertiser.

“But that isn’t in Jason’s vocabulary, he’s one of those people who needs to keep going, I think if he was doing nothing, he’d be pulling his hair out.

“I expected him to take time off right up to the British GP in Cardiff, maybe when he gets his World Championship, he’ll think it is all worth it but his body won’t thank him in 20 years.

“At the end of the day it is what he has been striving for, it will mean the world to him because he came so close last year and unfortunately it all went wrong.

“I know what kind of person he is and I’m sure he’ll be trying not to put himself under any pressure but I’m sure everything and anything is going through his head.

“This is what it comes down to if you’re a good rider, it is everybody’s dream to become a world champion.”

The Robins chief, who guided the club to a league title this season, thinks Doyle claiming a world crown will top off what has been a tremendous year for the club.

Rossiter admits he would be delighted if the club had a world champion among them next term with Doyle signing a two-year contract with the Abbey Stadium outfit last year.

“It would be great for the club to have a world champion, I think the last time we had one was Barry Briggs (in both 1964 and 1966),” he added.

“It would just cap off a fantastic year for Swindon speedway and a fantastic year for Jason Doyle.

“He came close in Poland and he came close in Sweden, he got the gold medal for Swindon and now hopefully, he’ll get the gold medal for himself.”