SWINDON Robins’ 2019 SGB Premiership fixture list has been revealed.

As we revealed earlier this week, Alun Rossiter’s side will start their campaign at a later date than usual – kicking off their campaign by hosting Mark Lemon’s Belle Vue Aces on Thursday, April 11.

A trip to Wolverhampton will follow four days later before defending Premiership champions Poole race at the Abbey on Thursday, April 18, in the newly introduced Premiership Supporters’ Cup with the return fixture taking place the day after.

Premiership newcomers Ipswich are the next opposition in the Supporters' Cup for the Robins on Monday, April 22, with the return fixture scheduled for the Thursday (25th).

Robins’ first month is concluded with a trip to King’s Lynn on Monday, April 29 - again in the Supporters' Cup.

A full list of Swindon’s 2019 SGB Premiership fixtures can be viewed below:


Thursday 11th Belle Vue Premiership (H)

Monday 15th Wolverhampton Premiership (A)

Thursday 18th Poole Premiership Supporters’ Cup (H)

Friday 19th Poole Premiership Supporters’ Cup (A) TBC

Monday 22nd Ipswich Premiership Supporters’ Cup (H)

Thursday 25th Ipswich Premiership Suppoorters’ Cup (A)

Monday 29th King’s Lynn Premiership Supporters’ Cup (A) -


Monday 6th vs Peterborough Premiership (H)

Thursday 9th vs King's Lynn Premiership Supporters’ Cup (H)

Monday 20th vs Belle Vue Premiership (A)

Monday 27th vs Poole (11.30am) Premiership (A)

Monday 27th vs Poole (7.30pm) Premiership (H)


Thursday 6th King's Lynn Premiership (H)

Thursday 13th Ipswich Premiership (A)

Thursday 20th Peterborough Premiership (A)

Thursday 27th Ipswich Premiership (H)


Monday 1st King's Lynn Premiership (A)

Monday 8th Wolverhampton Premiership (A)

Thursday 11th King’s Lynn Premiership (H)

Thursday 18th Wolverhampton Premiership (H)

Thursday 25th Belle Vue Premiership (H)


Thursday 8th Wolverhampton Premiership (H)

Monday 12th Belle Vue Premiership (A)

Thursday 15th Ipswich Premiership (A)

Monday 19th Poole Premiership (A)

Monday 26th Ipswich Premiership (H)

Thursday 29th Peterborough Premiership (H)


Thursday 5th Peterborough Premiership (A)

Monday 16th King's Lynn Premiership (A)

Thursday 19th Poole Premiership (H)