COMMENTARY duo Nigel Pearson and Kelvin Tatum will reflect on memories established on the speedway circuit from past and present this Friday at a show at The Southbrook Inn.

The pair have established themselves as the sport’s leading broadcasters and spend large parts of the summer travelling across Europe covering the Speedway Grand Prix, Speedway of Nations and SGB Premiership competitions on television amid other commitments.

With the new season only weeks away, both Pearson and Tatum are set the whet the appetite of fans with their laugh-a-minute show.

As well as highlighting the many memories they have generated on their travels since the turn of the millennium, the show also focuses on what it takes to deliver a television commentary and discusses Tatum’s on-track rivalries with greats including Kenny Carter and the late Simon Wigg.

Pearson said: “We were very close to having a winter off, but we were approached by clubs and people to do some shows and we decided to go for it again.

“The Southbrook Inn has sold out –these shows highlight the great times that we have spent on the road – airports, stadiums, our discussions with riders and in the commentary box as well.

“There are some great stories and the audience really get involved.

“We would like to think the audience enjoy what we say and tell. Hopefully they will feel the same at Swindon.”

The event itself has sold out in Swindon, although tickets are still available for this evening’s show at Sheffield’s Owlerton Stadium, tomorrow’s date at the Adrian Flux Arena in King’s Lynn and the pair’s visit to Wimbledon’s Dons Den on Friday, February 22 – all shows start at 8pm.

Pearson added: “We both enjoy it. I have immense respect for Kelvin with regards to what he achieved as a rider and what he went through – the injuries and what he bounced back from.

“We have a good chemistry and understanding. It’s all born out of respect for Kelvin from me, and I think he respects me as a broadcaster too.”