EARLY signs have pleased Swindon Robins team manager Alun Rossiter following tonight'slast night’s 46-44 loss at Monmore Green against Wolverhampton Wolves.

Following a seven-month off season, the Robins finally started their 2019 SGB Premiership campaign – and were rewarded with a league point for persistent efforts against Pete Adams’ Wolves.

Skipper Jason Doyle chipped in with 9+2 from five rides, but the credit must go to Pole Tobiasz Musielak and Troy Batchelor – who registered scores of 14 and 12 respectively.

A wobble at reserve – which saw Zach Wajtknecht and James Shanes score 3+1 from their eight rides – failed to concern Rossiter, who insists point hauls from the bottom two will inevitably pick up following their encouraging performances.

He said: “It was a very good performance, and there are some positive signs for us.

“Dawid Lampart was making some good starts, and while he has been practising on small tracks it’s still not quite the same as racing.

“He (Lampart) didn’t disgrace himself, and it’s given me hope that there is a lot more to come from him.

“I’m not too worried, I told Dawid there was no pressure on him – he just had to enjoy it.

“If he could’ve held on in heat 14, that would’ve been brilliant. But 46-44, I will take that.

“Scott in front of him shut off, Dawid went to shut off and the bike just went in front of him – he’s okay.”

Despite the Robins starting the meeting with a 5-1, Wolves quickly asserted their form on the meeting to lead 30-24 after nine heats.

A tactical change in heat 12 – which resulted in a 4-2 for the Robins – coupled with a heat 13 5-1 granted the visitors a chance to poach an early away win.

But Lampart spectacularly went from first to third before binning his bike into the fourth bend safety fence – granting the hosts a needed 5-1.

Not all was lost however, Batchelor and Musielak combined in the concluding race to earn a consolation league point – a point that pleased Rossiter.

He added: “Jason changed his bike for his last ride (in heat 13), he was happy with that.

“I had to make a decision for heat 15. I thought Tobiasz (Musielak) and Troy (Batchelor) had a decent night, and Jason already had a tactical ride.

“While Tobiasz didn’t quite make it, the pair didn’t let me down. Everyone would’ve been happy to get a point before tonight.

“To lose by two is frustrating, but there are good signs – it’s positive.”