ADAM Ellis made a swift return to top form as the Swindon Robins rider claimed victory in the Teterow Open Invitation meeting in Germany at the weekend.

Ellis suffered a rare off-night this season in the Robins’ most recent meeting last Thursday – scoring 4+1 points in a 50-40 home win for Alun Rossiter’s side over King’s Lynn Stars in the SGB Premiership.

The 23-year-old headed to Germany to test out some new equipment, and it paid off handsomely as he took overall victory while Swindon team-mate Rasmus Jensen finished down in fifth place.

Danish rider Jensen actually led the way across the qualifying heats, scoring 14 points from five races as Ellis collected a haul of nine.

It was a role reversal in the six-man final, though, as Ellis took the chequered flag ahead of Rune Holta and Filip Hjelmland, with Jensen off the podium in fifth place.

“It was a good meeting. I had a new engine that I wanted to try out and it seemed like that was the perfect place to do it,” said Ellis.

“I didn’t get off to the best of starts and had an average meeting – I just scraped into the final on nine points.

“I made a few changes and then it all came good in the final, so it was a good meeting in the end.

“It is a bit of a technical track and there were some good riders there. The different format with six riders in the final makes it a bit unpredictable too.

“It is a nice meeting to win. It has got a lot of history and a lot of top riders have won it in the past.

“It was a good night, I enjoyed it. It doesn’t matter what meeting it is, if you come away with a win, you always come away happy.”

Ellis will return to Robins colours on Thursday when Rossiter’s troops travel to take on Ipswich Witches in their latest Premiership fixture.

The British youngster is pleased with the contribution he has made to the team so far in 2019 but is eager to increase his track time in order for further improvements to be made.

“This year started off well for me and I feel things have been pretty consistent overall. I have probably only had one or two bad meetings so far,” said Ellis.

“It is going well, and I could just do with a finding a few more meetings. It feels like I am not quite riding enough compared to last year.

“I want to keep getting better and that will only come with more time on the bike.”