ADVER Sport reporter Jonny Leighfield discusses the latest events involving Swindon Town Football Club.

So far, so good then. The new season has begun with four highly-encouraging performances that could have resulted in victory on each occasion.

As it turned out, Swindon only actually won one of those, but as head coach Ben Garner has repeatedly mentioned in pre and post-match press conferences, the speed that everything has come together on and off the pitch has been astounding.

The quality of the play has been thoroughly enjoyable too, and all that’s often been missing is the cold-blooded, ruthless decision making that invariably leads to a goal.

Before a ball was kicked, we all made peace with the fact that 22nd would constitute success and anything above that would be dreamland.

But then, following a beautiful 3-1 comeback win away at Scunthorpe United on the opening day, people (including myself) started wondering: “what if we pulled off the unthinkable?”

I’m not talking league title because that really does seem a bridge too far - even for a part-time optimist like me. I mean, what if Town reached the play-offs say and actually won at Wembley?

Even the subsequent three games made me think if Town got on a roll like November 2019-January 2020, maybe it’s possible...

No. Let’s float back down to earth for a second and process this all logically. The start has probably been a little better than most could have hoped for, but League Two is a tricky division and the Swindon squad needs a fair amount of time to catch up fitness-wise.

There are some strong sides who have underachieved for too long and will want to take advantage this year.

Then again, if we get another striker in...