THE WESTERN League is asking supporters to #ThinkOfAFan as the country continues to be shut down by the coronavirus.

On Friday March 13, the Western League initially postponed matches for a short time, only for the programme to be suspended completely on Monday 16.

The most optimistic date for a resumption of professional football, let alone the non-league game, is April 30, meaning fans will be without football for at least a month-and-a-half.

Chairman of the Western League, John Pool, said: “The Western League has always been a family league, and at times of crisis, families come together.

“The clubs across our league sit at the heart of their communities, so it’s only natural for us to think about what we can do for those in need.

“For many fans, football is more than just a game. It’s a chance to meet friends once or twice a week, get out of the house and have some fun.

“But getting out of the house for many people, particularly the elderly, isn’t an option at the moment and that’s why we want everyone in our football family to follow our initiative, Think Of A Fan.”

The Western League’s campaign asks people to contact a fan they know at a time when a football match might be kicking off, either on a Saturday afternoon or a midweek evening.

Communities across the country are coming together to make sure that vulnerable people are supported during the Corona crisis.

Now the grassroots football community is doing what it can to support those fans who are scared and isolated.

Pool said: “There will be people at every Club for who Saturday at the football is about much more than watching a game.

“These are the people our fans see every week, say hello to and share a drink with.

“Now these people might need our help, and that is why we’d like supporters to contact those fans and ask ‘are you ok’?

“At 3pm on a Saturday, we’ll be thinking about the football we could be watching, all we are asking you to do is think about the people you could be watching it with.”