Meet the charity team

EVERYONE in the charity team has a vital role to play in helping to raise the funds needed to keep the air ambulance flying and saving lives.

The small and friendly team do their best so that everyone who donates feels supported and appreciated, regardless of how much they raise.

As well as the remaining £1.25 million needed to complete the new airbase, the charity needs to raise £3.25 million a year to keep the lifesaving helicopter and crew flying.

The charity puts the emphasis on raising the funds by creating plenty of fun, engaging and easy ways for people to get involved. These include events such as running and cycling, playing the charity’s lotteries, overseas treks, shopping at its charity shops, fundraising in the workplace, recycling old clothes or skydiving.

The people of Wiltshire also come up with their own innovative ways of fundraising, from schoolchildren who donate their pocket money, to music concerts, fetes, cake sales and even wing-walking on a plane!

If you are holding an event the Charity Team can provide support materials such as posters, balloons, information leaflets and collection boxes. Contact the team on 01380 739453 or email for more information.