I see William and Harry are at it again! Both are patrons of wildlife organisations, and both display contempt for them. Both spent time in Spain hunting wild animals recently, especially the wild boar. What hypocrisy! Just like their ancestors – recent and distant.

How can William have the audacity to speak out against ivory poachers when he needs to clean up his own house?

God didn’t give us ownership of the earth. Psalm 24 tells us that the earth and all that is in it is the Lord's.

We are stewards, not owners.

Why are elephants, tigers and polar bears disappearing? Why are plankton in the ocean and the glaciers of the north disappearing?

As God comes walking in the Garden at the cool of the day, He may well turn to us again and say: ‘What is this you have done?’ (Gen 3.13).

Steve Nibbs, Milton Road, Swindon