After the much publicised deaths of two horses in 2012, Aintree made promises of reform. However, although no horses were killed during the Grand National’s Big Race in 2013, two lost their lives over the same course in two other races.

In other words, the course remains lethal for horses. Since 2000, 24 horses have died racing on it. They are amongst more than 200 raced to death on British racecourses each year.

In addition to these deaths, around 1,100 horses connected with racing are sent directly to the slaughterhouse each year, either unwanted or broken down through injuries.

For anyone who does not want to finance a sport in which animals routinely lose their lives, rather than having a flutter on this year’s Grand National, why not donate the money to a specialist horse sanctuary and make a real difference to horse welfare?

For more details of how to help, visit Animal Aid’s website at or telephone 01732 364546.

Marilyn Harrison, Beaulieu Close, Swindon