I write to express my deep concerns regarding the current proposed situation of the West Swindon Library, i.e. to be removed from its prime visible location on the ground floor to the floor above where it would be not be visible to the community, and is not easily accessible for prams, pushchairs, mobility scooters and all who are physically handicapped.

To dismiss the vital importance of this library because it is more commercially viable is totally void of respect, understanding and consideration towards the dire needs of the community.

The power of the written word is beyond financial gain. Its rich tapestry embraces knowledge, education, the history of our nation and mental stimuli beyond our shores.

No amount of technology in this ‘brave new world’ can ever replace the emotive ambience that leaps from the leaves of a nourishing book that perpetrates the heart, mind and soul.

I implore the powers that be in the Greenwich Leisure Limited Company to reconsider their proposal to remove the West Swindon Library from the ground floor to the floor above and allow this highly valued literary centre to retain its home base with easy accessibility for all.

Mary Ratcliffe Old Town Swindon