Last Saturday I visited Cheltenham to observe how some humans make money at the expense of horses, while others are spectators seeking entertainment.

I spoke to 20 people who were there for the horse race. They were from all walks of life but shared one hobby - horse racing. I told them about my love for horses and how I was against that trade. Most of these people agreed with me, but they indicated they will continue their approach because that is the way it’s always done.

Horse racing is barbaric and a blood sport. It kills the horses slowly and it tells a lot about us as people. Some make money out of horses, a few watch the blood sport for fun and the majority tolerate it.

I encourage you to join the campaign to end this barbaric blood sport once and for all. I have no faith in British politics, but I still believe in the power of people more than ever before. Please let others know about the cruelty of horse racing, boycott it if you are a fan or join the animal rights group.

Axmed Bahjad Fleet Street Swindon