What happened to politicians and councillors that actually cared and did their jobs... their jobs being looking after the local people in their wards?

I have contacted my local councillors, very concerned about the proposed T Mobile mast in Roughmoor Way.

This mast will be sited approximately 50 metres from our houses, approximately the same from George Tweed Gardens (an old folks' home) and it will enclose Brookfield School within three masts.

Nobody has got back to me.

We only have until the March 26 to object (we only learnt about it on March 8).

Have I got it all wrong or are our MPs and councillors meant to act on the concerns of the people?

Or is this a case of ground rent from T Mobile being more important than us?

Apparently, all we have to do is ask our councillor to bring the case to planning to be discussed and allow us time to object.

We did this and what a surprise - nothing has happened.

These masts are not to be taken lightly.

Many studies report the fourfold increase in malignant tumours within 500m of them.

The small paragraph in the supporting statement from T Mobile quoting The Stewart Report (May 2000) fails to mention that Sir William Stewart retracted that statement and admits he tested for thermal effects and not the more harmful non-thermal effects.

The Human Rights Act has been used many times of late and my neighbours are in "justifiable fear of ill health" - maybe this will kick the complacency out of my councillors and MPs.

Come on, do your job - unless your job is to put Swindon tenants at risk, forget about them and collect your ground rent.

J Eatwell.