THE grand opening of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School is truly something to celebrate.

Reception and Year One classes take a unique place in the history of the new school. Their photographs, drawings, school books and other memorabilia will no doubt be taken out and displayed during milestone anniversary celebrations as the decades pass.

They will be mentioned in school projects by children whose great-grandparents have yet to be born.

They - like their parents and school staff, will have the privilege of seeing their school grow from its current small roster to more than 400 pupils from throughout the primary school age spectrum.

It is fascinating to speculate on what the future holds for the school, and on what future wonders its pupils will experience and be a part of.

As headteacher Tony McAteer said: “It feels absolutely wonderful to be beginning this journey. It is something we have aspired to for a long time.”

We wish the new school every success. It certainly deserves success, as it is fine example of what can be achieved when a school’s building and ethos are designed with happiness, achievement and safety in mind.

At Holy Cross there is a palpable sense of community involvement - a general willingness to go the extra mile for the good of all. There has been plenty of engagement with all concerned throughout the design and building process.

Parents and staff are clearly every bit as delighted as the children with the new school. May that first happy day be the first of countless more.