WILTSHIRE police should be commended for giving some sound advice in light of the current terrorist threat.

It is advice which bears repeating.

There are many potential targets for terrorist attacks throughout the country, and logic dictates that attackers will deem some to be of higher value than others.

Although places such as London and other major cities are home to a great many such targets, we in Wiltshire should not be complacent. There are many tourist attractions across the county, including Stonehenge and any number of historic houses, churches and landmark structures.

It is also important to remember that the strategy currently favoured by terrorists seems to be one of attacking places where large groups of people gather — which includes town centres.

Although the situation is alarming, it is important not to be alarmist, whether in our behaviour or in the things we say to others.

The beasts who attacked Paris wanted nothing more than to spread fear and distrust, but failed miserably in that they have fostered unity and defiance rather than division and fear.

The sensible way forward now is an unwritten partnership between the public and the police — a bargain, in fact.

Our side of the bargain is that we will be alert to suspicious people and activities, and report them as soon as we are able. We will give no thought to whether we are wasting officers’ time as we might be the only thing standing between terrorism and its goals.

In return we would like officers to keep callers informed of what is being done.