AFTER attending the libraries’ engagement meeting at Park Library on March 14, I came away convinced the decision had already been made and once again the council was engaged in a sham consultation.
The council officer gave us the official explanation for the proposed funding reduction, and was so lacking in interest that, until challenged by an attendee, he did not even bother to take any notes of comments made.
The leaflets we were given were shoddily compiled in that they gave the profile of North Swindon Library rather than Parks and advertised a drop-in meeting for Walcot residents the previous week.
The bar charts were unintelligible, giving no explanation of what they were supposed to convey.
We were obviously supposed to be there to suggest ways the cuts could be implemented rather than register our total opposition to the ridiculous proposal that all facilities apart from the central library should be run by volunteers.
This is an unnecessary attack on a much loved and vital resource for Swindon residents.
How is it possible that the council can waste £2m on providing broadband for North Swindon – which is unwanted – rather than use that money to continue the superb library provision that we are all proud of?
It’s time that this Conservative council and our two Conservative MPs stood up to their government and challenged the local government funding settlement.
This town is a seriously lacking in cultural facilities as it is, to destroy the library service will hardly serve to fulfil the council’s vision, rather it is evidence of short sight and closed minds
Welcombe Ave Park North, Swindon