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EU deal will be illusion

PARTLY due to the unremitting boredom of having the same arguments rehearsed ad nauseum, I have resisted comment in these columns either way on the Brexit/Remain fiasco.

However as it now seems it will run and run, perhaps it is time for a reality check on what the Brexiteers think they have achieved. Now I’m no Nostradamus but it’s already clear this can only end one way, if we are to enjoy continued access the single market:

1: We will have to sign up for all the EU directives for imports – if tomorrow they require the Euro flag moulded into each vehicle wheel trim, after initial moans that will happen or there will be no imports.

2: We will be forced to contribute some money and get no rebate. It will be dressed up in fancy language but we will pay.

3: Fishing is now down to one man and a dingy so it’s probably too late for that.

4: Free movement? We may get something along the lines of Cameron’s deal offering a perception of border control but it will not prevent immigration.

5: Obsession to maintain our Financial Services industry means we will accept any and all EU demands from the EU in this area.

6: We will have no input or veto on any of the more hare-brained proposals emanating from Brussels but will be forced to mostly conform and tow the EU line in exchange for access.

This or something very like it, will be presented to us in 18 months or so, but against what background?

A stonking majority in parliament for continued access further buoyed up by all financial institutions. Noises off from Nissan, Toyota, Honda and JLR expressing a vagueness about locations for new models, will pile on the pressure.

Due to their own commercial interests, this time it will be impossible for Rupert, Richard Desmond, the Harmsworth’s and the Barclay twins to advocate rejection. Even in the last vote the Telegraph left it to the 11th hour before calling for out.

Even if an election is called, the deal will be accepted, by Theresa’s Tories (as it will be their deal), Nicola’s nationalists (so pro the EU it’s painful), the Labour voice (stubbornly pro EU) and the Liberals…well need I say more. Only “kippers” will protest, but the election system will safety lock them out.

Sorry Bill, sorry Des, this is real life. It will be dressed up and spun as a negotiating triumph against overwhelming odds, but it will in fact be largely business as usual.

Was it Odyssey Band or Imagination that sang ‘It’s just an illusion’?


Haydon End


Belittling of electorate

YOUR correspondent Adam Poole challenges the legitimacy of the EU Referendum result citing the alleged “lies” told by the Leave camp and suggests the 17 million voters made their decision based on a pack of lies (Adver July 8). He seriously misjudges and belittles the electorate in inferring such naivety.

In a pure moment of linguistical sophistry Mr Poole opines that scaremongering by Remain is a legitimate form of lying. I suppose this should come as no surprise as it was Mr Poole who said “every one of the 3.5 million jobs involved with producing the goods and services we export to the UK would be at risk” (Adver June 11).

Even the most diehard Europhile did not accept this oft quoted claim as having any real merit beyond creating a climate of fear. Indeed, even the author castigated the government for misappropriating it.

The truth is that despite having the support of the civil service, the BBC, numerous news media and the unequivocal backing of the Prime Minister bolstered by the might of the Eurocrats and Mr Obama, the Remain camp simply failed to persuade the majority of electors of their argument.

The fear campaign failed – and I suggest the words of an American President of far greater stature than the diminished Mr Obama had greater effect in the decision making process. Roosevelt said “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyses needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Mr Poole and some others want to re-run the referendum until it produces the result they desire. That road would simply lead to anarchy, far better to establish the rules at the beginning; something Mr Cameron had the opportunity to do. The fight was lost despite the Remain camp having chosen the date to engage the public in this very important matter.


Caraway Drive



Library decision made

I WRITE regarding council leader David Renard’s article. (Adver July 7).

He states: “I will urge anyone who has an interest in libraries to take part so their views can be taken into account before any decisions are finalised.”

I was unaware that the newly appointed council press propaganda officer hot from North Korea had already arrived.

We all know the decision is done and dusted, so who’s kidding whom? The council merely go through the motions and await their collective Bafta award.

What are frail and immobile pensioners supposed to do who live on Swindon’s outskirts? Four wall syndrome will return.

Libraries are a gateway to the world of fiction, imagination, and fostering a love of learning, as well as a secure place where children and adults visit to find answers, discover new things. A place of magic. Leaders of the ancient world it seems had a greater appreciation of them than ours.

Where will children go to find new books? Where will parents take them when it is cold, dark and wet in winter and the TV and heating has been on too long? Toddlers for storytime sessions? Teenagers from noisy or troubled households seeking a quiet place to do homework? The jobless to search for work that doesn’t exist?

Volunteers? This takes no account of the professional and ethical standards to which professional librarians must adhere, including data protection.

Why doesn’t David Renard et al do the honourable thing? – tell their Tory paymasters that these permanent austerity measures are not on!

Councillors are supposed to be the servants of the people.

They could do the honourable thing and resign en masse. At least residents would respect them; might even have a statue built in memory of them.

Alas, as long as these short-sighted councillors get their impending generous “we are all in this together” expenses – which in effect is really a massive pay rise – what do they care?





Unhappy about result

YOUR correspondent Desmond Morgan says that I am unhappy with the democratic decision of the referendum.

He could bet his bottom dollar I am unhappy, but what’s wrong with that? It’s not in the least undemocratic to be unhappy.

He would be unhappy if the BNP democratically won a general election. He would in that case, like most sensible people, be happy if parliament voted no confidence in them at the earliest opportunity and caused another election. He accuses me of wanting a second referendum to overturn the first, but that can’t happen as we have already had the second referendum. Remember the first one in 1975?

If it is politically correct to have a second referendum after 40 years have passed, what is the shortest time before it is democratic to hold another? Shall we say five years, will he and the other Brexiteers agree that we can have a referendum to stay in the EU in five years time? Hold on, we can’t, we are denied a democratic say of whether to stay in the EU because we will have irrevocably left.

I therefore contend that the decision to leave the EU was undemocratic as it allows no opportunity to rescind this decision in the future.


Norman Road



Demise of our service

WELL how surprising to read of the demise of our library service, despite attending a consultation meeting in Old Town Library to discuss the options.

I put my name forward as a volunteer to aid the possibility of the service remaining, however I never had a response. The consultation was both a waste of money and of our time, those of us that were naive enough that the council would actually take our views on board before making a decision.

I feel so sorry for those people who have mobility issues that this decision will impact upon, resulting in them being denied the access to an excellent service providing books, and access to the internet. Of course Swindon, whilst once being identified as the largest user of the internet in the country, has been woefully served by our council, in their pathetic attempts to provide a wireless internet facility throughout the town, which has not come to fruition, despite it being their second attempt at getting it right.

Whilst I appreciate the council having restrictions on their budget from central government, the people of Swindon deserve better, and the potential voice of the volunteers who have more empathy for the residents and their needs, are again totally ignored.


Dammas Lane

Old Town



Budget plans ditched

GEORGE Osborne has abandoned his plans to balance the government’s spending budget by 2020.

Britain has had six years of austerity and the government is getting no nearer to balancing the budget.

The problem is the trade deficit. It is impossible to get a balanced budget while Britain runs an enormous trade deficit.

Britain must learn to make things again. The government must concentrate on supporting and encouraging British industry.

It is only by eliminating the trade deficit that Britain can ever get its finances back in order.


Beaufort Green