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EU is doomed to failure

ANYONE reading the letter “No good news on the NHS” from Dr Brian Mathew, Liberal Democrat Prospective MP for North Wiltshire, (The Adver, December 3) might assume that he writes as a professional and authoritative NHS representative.

A copy of the Wilts and Gloucester Standard which referred to the North Wiltshire Election 2015 stated that Dr Mathew has a doctorate in water and sanitation from Cranfield University.

Dr Mathew says, “So much for the statements about £350 a week extra for the NHS.”

As far as I’m aware the UK has not triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and remains a member of the EU. Consequently, I assume we are still sending £20 billion a year to that money pit.

From this sum they return about £10 billion to be spent on EU-designated projects many of which promote EU propaganda.

Dr Matthew also reminded us, “my leader Tim Farron is demanding that the people are given a say once they know what the terms are, with an emergency ‘parachute’ clause allowing a return to the EU in a second referendum.”

Of course this is tried and tested practice within the EU. Presented with a nation state referendum result that they don’t like they demand another referendum to get the “right result” or just ignore any unwanted result.

The Danes were forced to vote again when they rejected the Maastricht Treaty. When France and the Netherlands rejected the treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe it was renamed the Lisbon Treaty for them to vote on again.

Ireland voted against the Nice Treaty in a referendum in 2001 but voted for it the following year.

When the Irish rejected the Lisbon Treaty they were forced to go away and vote again.

Last year when the Greek people voted to reject harsh austerity policies sought by the EU and other global institutions they were ignored.

Liberal Democrats now claim the electorate didn’t know what they were voting for when they voted for Brexit.

I haven’t heard them make the same allegation about the Richmond Park by-election and the victory of their candidate Sarah Olney.

I suppose democratic decisions are only acceptable to the Liberal Democrats when they get a result they want.

It was made clear to the electorate by the Remain side that by voting to leave the EU the UK would have to leave the price fixing single market customs union. Based on this information 17.4 million people chose to vote for Brexit.

The real lie was told to the British electorate 40 years ago when told we were joining a Common Market. Information about the true agenda for the progression towards a bureaucratic, undemocratic, federal super-state was suppressed.

The EU is a failing centralist project which has lost its way. I believe that just like the centralist USSR it is doomed to failure and collapse.

I feel sure nobody would ever accuse an MP or even a prospective MP of misleading the public but to avoid any possible ambiguity, when commenting about the NHS, I suggest Dr Mathew reveals what type of doctorate he has. If he wants to display his academic status perhaps he should put PhD after his name.

It seems to me Dr Mathew is better qualified to offer the NHS advice on unblocking their drains than he is on unblocking their beds.

Yours sincerely


Wharf Road, Wroughton


Libraries can be saved

JUSTIN Tomlinson, the MP for North Swindon suddenly pops up in Friday’s Adver stating that he is an unashamed library fan.

He also says that he knows that Coun David Renard, the leader of SBC is passionate about our local libraries.

Both of these men belong to the Tory Party, which is responsible for the cuts causing the closures of our libraries.

Justin states that he has been meeting with the Save Swindon’s Libraries Group and representatives of the community libraries, to look at options to protect our libraries.

He speaks as if the lack of money is an inevitable result of circumstances.

Actually it is his government’s political choice and not an economic necessity.

He says he has spoken to the libraries minister about setting up a trust – in effect a way to privatise the libraries.

He has also said in an email that the government is spending a record amount on public services.

If this is the case, where is the money going? Because – as well as the library proposals, and enforced parishing – we have lost our children’s centres, leisure centres, small pool, climbing wall and seen a reduction in other public services. Just look around you at the state of our town.

The excuse of rising costs of Adult Social Services do not wash. The rising needs did not happen suddenly, unexpectedly overnight.

Was there no forward planning for this? Also, the cuts to the NHS and other care services have put the strain onto our local councils. again, something the Tory Party are responsible for, not just a random happening.

The budget for Adult Social Services needs to be independent of other public services, alleviated by proper support from the NHS and other agencies, and to be funded appropriately from Central Government.

For example, if the bill continues to grow will the government and SBC tell us we can have no other services at all? No schools, no roads etc.

I personally think that if Justin really cares about the residents of Swindon and our public services he should have been at the many demonstrations and consultations, openly defending our services.

He should tell Theresa May who, in her first speech as Prime Minister, promised to make Britain a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few, that these cuts are detrimental to our health and well being.

And finally, if he really cares, he should stick his head above the parapet, get himself to the Cabinet meeting and publicly tell the council that he thinks cutting Forward Swindon’s £1.5 million budget instead of cuts to libraries is a better choice.

It is not too late to save these libraries. Come on Justin, let’s see your mettle.


Guppy Street, Swindon


Trust has been eroded

I READ with interest the piece on November 30 about the councillor and cabinet member who had not paid his council tax.

How disgusting for a person in his position who we are supposed to have faith to look after the interests of the people of Swindon.

The person who we should be able to go to with problems whether it is private or community matters.

This is the person who we should trust and be honest about the situations that arise on Swindon Council. How can anyone do this now?

There have been situations, such as the library fiasco, the new parish set ups, Lydiard House, the Rodbourne Road Bridges new layout with road now breaking up and now we read about the Oasis has problems with contractors. Who has the responsibility? Our councillors.

They have what they call consultations but my interpretation of this is, “why do you ask our opinions if you have already made your minds up?”

This person who did not pay his community charge only resigned from the Cabinet so he is still a councillor.

My strong feeling is that he should be given the chance to resign completely from the council or be sacked. Other people in this position would have been taken to court. Why was this case different?

If he had paid by direct debit he would not have been in this position, after all he must know his Party is short of money


Moredon, Swindon


Changing our direction

LIB Dem Sarah Olney’s historic victory in the Richmond Park Parliamentary by-election shows we can change the way our country seems to be going.

For many the growth of intolerance, isolationism and division boosted by the Tory right and UKIP seemed inevitable. Sarah’s win shows it is not.

As a newcomer to politics. Sarah joined the Lib Dems because, like us, she wants to build a society that is essentially liberal minded, open and kind hearted. Just as Britain historically has been.

Sarah took on and beat a pro Brexit MP, one of the wealthiest MPs in the House of Commons.

Standing as a so-called “independent” in the by-election, he was backed by UKIP and other right-wing Brexit Tories.

Sarah took on his “big money” and reactionary politics. She won. That win gives hope to all of us who share her open, tolerant, and internationally-minded, liberal outlook.

Sarah’s decision to stand-up for these values by joining and actively engaging with the Liberal Democrats should also act as a call to arms. Tens of thousands have followed her example and many would be very welcome to do so.

Mrs May may decide to call a General Election to push her ‘hard’ Brexit outcome.

If she does, we Liberal Democrats are ready. Despite MP James Gray’s protestations, the North Wiltshire EU Referendum count showed a majority voted to remain in the EU. Just as they did in Witney and Richmond Park. There the Lib Dem vote surged and the Tories slumped.

The vote shifts in either would have seen the end of our “Brexit” MP James Gray and a Lib Dem elected here in North Wiltshire.

I would also not be alone in representing Wiltshire as my colleague Helen Belcher for Chippenham and perhaps others elsewhere in our county would also win.

So bring it on Mrs May is what I say!


Prospective Liberal Democrat MP

for North Wiltshire