I think the time has come to let people know the facts about the Dome.

It is registered with the Charities' Commission No 900086 as an association and as such is required by law to supply yearly financial returns to the commission.

A quick look on the commission website will show that the management has not done so for four years. A return was done late last year.

Council officers have, over the last two years to my certain knowledge, offered advice to the management on a regular basis.

They have also been given a large amount of financial assistance by the Parks And East Walcot Neighbourhood Renewal Company this year.

It is irrelevant that Mr Becker carries out fire safety drills when he visits the Dome, what is relevant is that the recent application for a drinks license contained a report that said: "The Wiltshire Fire Brigade has commented that the community centre has failed to manage fire safety at the Walcot Dome, despite the service of an enforcement notice."

it goes on to say "the comments from the fire brigade call into question the competence or willingness of the applicant in relation to the proper management of the community centre."

This report is from one of our professional officers and as a councillor I must take note of its content.

This is why I called for the temporary closure of the Dome to protect the children and vulnerable people who use it until the fire brigade gave it a clean bill of health.

How anyone can find fault with that is beyond belief. Safety must always come first, even before popularity.

The speculation by Mr Becker about the council's motives are just that, speculation.

We want to see the Dome continue to be a community centre for all the people of East Walcot but it must be run on sound management and with all the fire and safety regulations in place.

Finally I would like to state that I do use the Dome for meetings and have done so for the last two years, I have also visited the Dome regularly whenever I have had reason to do so.

COUN P Mallinson.