What a strange time to be opening a new supermarket. There’s a new Lidl at the Greenbridge Retail Park, which would have been really handy in the early part of the pandemic when we were living in a Hunger Games-style world where toilet paper was the most prized commodity.

A new supermarket now means we have to work out what to do with out masks. After Freedom Day came and went the rules about where to wear a face covering have been left up to us and up to the places we are going to.

After months of people arguing that we should leave the rules up to the common sense of the British people we are about to put that to the test. If things go well we have oodles of common sense. If things take a turn for the worse maybe we should stop and think about how sensible we are on average.

Not everyone rushed out of the door on Freedom Day to celebrate their right to go and catch something, some people were self-isolating. Those people include the Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the Chancellor Rishi Sunak. It is because they were exposed to the Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who tested positive for the disease. He really shouldn’t be taking his work home with him like that.

There was talk of Messrs Johnson and Sunak being put on a pilot scheme where people 'pinged' could avoid having to isolate. It’s a scheme that also said it selected the participants at random. What are the chances of Boris and Rishi getting picked. If they can beat odds like that they should play the EuroMillions. It might settle out deficit.

Thankfully there was a U-turn as someone in our Government worked out that having one rule for them and a different rule for the rest of us would make it look like there’s one rule for them and one rule for the rest of us. That’s bad optics.

This comes after we have heard stories of people’s NHS app telling them to self-isolate after detecting a neighbour’s phone through a well, after being left in lockers near other phones or generally being oversensitive.

As thousands of people are about to be asked to stay at home based on this technology, seeing politicians find a way round the rules would not help with compliance.

Some don’t know how our politicians will dare show their faces in public. So at least they’ll be wearing masks.