Whenever people reminisce about the Swindon town centre of old, beloved staples like McIlroys, Debenhams and, of course, Woolworths always get mentioned.

The popular store has left a hole in the town's central shopping destination since it closed its doors and departed the high street in 2009 that does not seem to have been filled since.

In the year since it shut down, Swindon locals have always talked about Woolworths with an air of longing nostalgia with many wishing it could return.

So it was music to the ears of many when news broke that the business famous for its pick 'n' mix could be returning to the UK.

Roman Heini is at the helm of HH Holding which currently operates Woolworths stores in Germany, and he recently revealed he's targeting the UK for an international expansion.

How have the people of Swindon reacted to this news? Have they met it positively, are they pleased that Woolworths could possibly make a comeback to this town and do they think it should?

We have collected some of the best responses to the news from our Facebook page, and have included them below.

Graham Smythe-Byrne said: "A lot gets said about how much work needs to be done in Swindon town centre, but Woolworths might just be the thing that gets people off online shopping on their phones and laptops and back into the bricks and mortar High Street.

"Although I do wonder if all of that nostalgia might leave everyone disappointed when a modern Woolworths appears and is different to how people remember it."

Tracy Newman said: "Love Woolworth bring it back to the old ways it was alway busy love the shop."

Sue Bowles said: "Yes to a new Swindon branch."

Frances Stubbington said: "Definitely [bring it back], as long as it’s as good as the original."

Val Iles said; "That's a Big YES from me, as long as it is the original one."

Dawn Telling said: "Yes one of the best shops we had."

Jane Aldred said: "Yes you could get most things. We need new shops."

Andy Matthews: "Yes I would like to see that with a lot more good shops."

Edwin Allen said: "I would love to see it return to Swindon."

Emma Plumb said: "I use to love going in to Woolworths after college."

Neil Hedges said: "It'll be the best shop in town but that's not hard at the moment."

Amanda Akehurst said: "I use to work in Woolworths cafe. I would love to see it come back."

Tiffany Stratton said: "I think it's about time we all got over Woolworths to be honest, it was good, but it wasn't that good and it obviously ran out of money for a reason."

Stephen Bradbrook said: "Absolutely one the best shops we had ,such a great selection of goods."

Lee Watts said: "Would be great to see Woolworths back. Unfortunately there is nothing to attract any shops to town centre - high business rates, high parking fees means low foot fall."

Richard Clark said: "Would like to see Woolworths back, but with so many retail unit landlords wanting to maximise their rents by converting their premises into flats, will it ever happen?"

Russell Webb said: "It'll never come close to the old Woolworths, it served it's purpose in its time but would just be like another B&M now."

Sandy Arnold said: "I think with B&M and home bargains, and the Range, they would be wasting there time, no one goes in town these days."

Christine Gunning said: "Yes I would like to see It I worked in there for many years and it was very good."