A Swindon man has opened up about his unusual hunting business - Stalk to Fork - which focuses on providing ethically sourced meat that he hunts himself.

Chris Morgans, 32, has been hunting animals like deer and rabbits to provide meat to locals and businesses for a number of years.

He said he doesn't feel bad about hunting because it is a much-needed form of population management.

He added: "Provided it is humane and done for the right reasons, it is one of the most natural things and it has to be done with the right precautions.

"It is the right thing to be doing to manage the population."

After publishing the story, many of the Swindon Advertiser's readers commented on the Facebook post to share their opinions on Chris' livelihood.

We have collected some of the best responses from our readers below.

Swindon Advertiser: Chris Morgans, 32Chris Morgans, 32 (Image: Chris Morgans)

Heidi Marie said: "If it wasn't for these people - What stops the diseases from the wild becoming part of pet life. myxomatosis for rabbits. Chronic wasting disease for deer.

"It can all be transmitted. It's the urban sprawl for humans that needs to be slowed down. Investigated. There needs to be a system in place for when forest/greenspace is taken - where do the animals go."

Moe Keohane said: "If you're eating them yes definitely. I'm up for that a spot of sea fishing as well. It is a cheaper way to live and feed yourself."

Joshua Turner said: "Perfectly sustainable foods source."

Mark Hammond said: "A simple fun fact, most deer that are hunted do not suffer and die a much cleaner death than any animals in a slaughterhouse.

"Another fun fact for you, myxomatosis isn't a man-made disease and certainly isn't one step away from mad cow disease and it's perfectly safe to eat infected rabbits."

Diana Kirk said: "Few fun facts.., most animals that are hunted suffer extremely agonising, slow death. The amount of wildlife I’ve found where they’ve been shot and haven’t been killed correctly and left to die is disgusting.

"Animal charities will back this up as they are inundated with animals with wounds that end up just being put to sleep.

"People say they are going out shooting and I quote “pests” and then you should see what they really kill. One of my friends recently took a photo of all of what he killed and it was disgusting."

Nick Greenaway said: "Too many people want their meat to come in a plastic wrapper with no idea of where it came from!"

Greg Moss said: "I buy venison from Chris. He is a well-educated expert rifleman. Deer need controlling."

Rob McKinley said: "The Deer population is the highest its been for a thousand years. They're doing untold damage to our native trees. They don't have any predators and therefore have to be controlled.

"I eat venison regularly, it's very healthy and delicious."

Steph Cobb said: "How is this wrong. Its not a game its just food. This is the way things are. This is to survive. You'll eat your bacon quick enough."

Jenny Mitchell said: "Deer and rabbit meat is 100x better than the processed rubbish from Tescos."

Neil Davies said: "It’s disgusting. They have as much right to live as the rest of us!"