Wiltshire Police has announced grand plans to redevelop the force's headquarters.

Plans have been announced to invest over £100 million into the Wiltshire Police estate over the next ten years.

This will include a £90 million investment to deliver the redevelopment of the force’s headquarters in Devizes.

As part of these plans, the Devizes policing hub will be relocated to the existing headquarters site and a new operational policing site, training facilities, and administrative office space will be created.

But do the people of Swindon think that this is a good use of Wiltshire Police's money?

We have collected some of the best responses from Swindon Advertiser readers who commented on the newspaper's Facebook page in reaction to this development.

Leah Hughes said: "Glad my taxes are going on this! Maybe invest in them actually doing some work?"

Paula Lock said: "Really....does it need it already, it only feels like yesterday it was built as a flagship."

Carter Marshall said: "Honestly, the police get a lot of stick but they've had as much underinvestment over the last decade or so as the NHS, I imagine this investment will help them significantly."

Cavan Algar said: "You couldn't make it up. The head of Wiltshire Police is absolutely useless, just like the previous one.

"Where do they get them from, they have all the degrees and that's enough these days. No common sense required, we can't have police on the beat in case they get hurt.

"Sheer incompetence all round, perhaps members of the public should hold back 6.2 of their council tax wasted on the so-called law enforcemence."

Brian Clarke said: "The police need funding and support, so why not the police buildings too."

Lisa Farrell said: "And we have a big police station in Marlborough going to waste, no doubt it will be more unnecessary unaffordable houses."

Molly Hopkins said: "They should be ashamed of themselves.. people in Devizes are living on the street.. funds much better spent on housing them."

Roy Knowles-Gibbons said: "Spend it on the building not on policing, bright as a blackout!"

Douglas Hamilton said: "More police officers would be better

Andy Wakefield said: "90 million, how many more officers would that fund, and get them back on the beat, just saying."

Carolyn Spears: "Why does everyone keep saying it should be spent on more police officers than on the building, do the officers not deserve somewhere nice to work that supports them operationally and is functional?"

Mark Home said: "And after spending all that money knocking down the old Marlborough station, build a new one only to close it and put it up for sale."

Paul Smith said: "What a monumental waste of money. This government this country is a shambles, a squatter in Downing Street, countless councils declaring bankruptcy, the level of corruption is staggering it really is on another level.

"Is it not time for the peasants to revolt and take our money and our country back from these charlatans? If their salaries were performance related they would be sleeping in doorways by now."

Dale Townsend said: "For all those complaining, you are probably not aware of the run down state of the current buildings or the lack of decent training facilities. Sounds like a lot of money I agree, but go and check the age of most of the buildings and the state of them.

"At some point, you need to invest and provide a decent training and work environment for officers, just like you would all like in your world.

"Divide the money over the lifetime of the facilities it’s not a one-year investment."