Welcome to the first of possibly many columns from me, your friendly local neighborhood editor.

After recent surveys and forums with some of our most loyal readers who would like to see the paper's thoughts more often, and only a slight bit of kicking and screaming from me, we are looking to resume a weekly bit from myself.

My aim will be to give you an insight about how we go about our demanding but fulfilling work, as well as shine a light on the good, the bad, and yes sometimes the ugly of what is going on around us.

I also hope to possibly give a behind-the-scenes look at how the biggest stories came about and the considerations being made.

But to start I will give you a brief introduction of myself, our newsroom, and what we are trying to do here.

So I have been in local journalism for 14 years. From a trainee reporter in rural Gloucestershire, I have worked in numerous roles for titles in the South West such as the Gloucestershire Gazette, Gloucester Citizen, Cheltenham Echo, Stroud News and Journal, Bristol Post, Bath Chronicle and the Worcester News before taking on the editorship of the Swindon Advertiser, Gazette and Herald and the Wiltshire Times just over two years ago.

I grew up in Wiltshire, in a little village called Bromham, and have family and friends across the county, not to mention many extended members being Swindon Town fans. (I diligently follow my father on the rollercoaster that is being a West Ham supporter).

I am just a few weeks away from my first wedding anniversary with my beautiful partner, and since then we have spent most of our free time bringing up our now nine-month-old cocker spaniel Indy.

Swindon Advertiser:

In terms of our team, I have 12 colleagues covering all three titles, from my deputy editor Neil to our 10 reporters out on the beat looking for their next big story.

We have, by and large, become a successful team in this time. As well as a massive increase in readership, we have even seen ourselves win Newsbrand of the Year for the Adver in our company Newsquest's Excellence Awards, and also command one of the most loyal audiences across the firm's 140-title portfolio.

I do not say this to show off. OK maybe a little, but really it is to try and demonstrate that we have and always will be working diligently for your our readers to find and display the stories that will engage you, either through amusement, horror, intrigue or simply usefulness.

I hope to delve more into the inner workings of the newsroom in the coming columns but in the meantime, I welcome questions from any readers on what you would like to know more about.