Valentine's Day has come and gone in Swindon with locals taking the opportunity to drown their significant others in chocolates, roses, cards, balloons, teddy bears and other gifts.

This is, of course, what the day is traditionally for, showing your partners how much you love and appreciate them.

But it was also a great opportunity for our readers to share what it is they love about the town they live when we asked our readers that very question on our social media pages.

And while some jumped at the opportunity to make the town the butt of their jokes, it seems that the day of love made many consider the town in a much more sentimental way.

We have collected some of the best responses below.

Leonard Cross said: "What I did love was our Swindon Robins speedway and teams ever since 1968, no more."

Adam Townsend said: That my friends and family live here. I’ve lived all over and being close to my loved ones means more to me than a bustling town centre or any of the other things Swindon doesn’t have

Lauren Daisy Stone said: "The Magic Roundabout."

Alex Mackie said: "Outside of family and friends, I love the street cafe in town. Best breakfast wraps ever."

Sarah Quinn Balfe said: "The people."

Anne Pritchard said: "Walking around Lydiard Park. Taking in the flowers and the wildlife. Finish it off with coffee or an ice cream in nice weather."

Anna Bird said: "Swindon is 'leading the way' with accessible and inclusive play equipment in play parks and we now have some lovely Changing Places toilets in our main hospital, our country parks and at the Outlet. There is more to do but we are making such a difference."

Cameron Ogenden said: "The community spirit. In times of crisis I've really seen this town come together and aside from that there are thousands of acts of kindness being carried out everywhere.

"I think if we all chose to focus on those than the things Swindon doesn't have, which are the same things everywhere else doesn't' have, we'd all be much happier and much prouder of where we live."

Amy Buckley said: "The Town Gardens."

Beth Osborne said: "Los Gatos! But apart from that I don't think there is much to love"

Tiffany Balsom said: "There isn't much to love about it anymore, unfortunately. Rewind back to the 80s when I was growing up and the early 90s those were the day's I could of listed a lot of things I loved about this town."

Andrea Murphy said: "Family and friends close by. As is the orbital shopping park and Shaw Ridge leisure park. Amongst other things as well."

Steve Elliott said: "Being alive.... my late wife was born and bred in the town... she moved around with me in the forces, but always visiting here and the family.

"There are many good things about living in the area, parks countryside which many don't have.

"Like 100s of places it's the big developments from out of town people that insist on sky high rents.

"I remember when the old bus station was the new one. High business rates, streamlined shops from big companies. It all affects people, the extreme price hikes everywhere.

"The biggest thing now is the Save Oasis Swindon, great, I have fond memories of its function, but to be viable for public use, it must be affordable for Joe public.

"On the whole, here is far better than many UK places."

Kaka Rash said: "The Harbour Project."

Graham Crosswell said: "What is there not to love about a place like Swindon. It gets a bad rep but it's thoroughly undeserved."