There has been an outcry after multiple "unwell, filthy and frightened" cats have been found living in "horrific” squalor and rescued. 

Approximately 27 cats and kittens were found covered in fleas and filth and were matted with their own excrement at the property in Swindon.

The cats were rescued by the RSPCA after concerns for the animals were raised following the death of a person who had been living at the address.

Six of the cats were taken to Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home which launched a fundraiser for their care and named them after the England football team - Bellingham, Rice, Harry, Pickford, Gareth and Foden. 

Meanwhile, the remaining 21 cats have been taken by the RSPCA to various other rescue and rehoming centres.

Members of the public have reacted to the news on the Swindon Advertiser Facebook page.

Corrine Skone said: "I have a 7-month-old Bengal cross ragdoll, I would happily take another female if needed. Lost my furbaby of 16 years back in January. Home is cat-friendly and ready to go.

Orlaith O'Neill Reeves said: "This is terribly sad for the cats and the person who died and whoever has been living there. Hoping for the best possible outcome. Such a sad situation."

Amanda Gretton said: "I have donated, I am also willing & able to take a female kitten on. I am experienced with rescuing kittens.

Rachel Elvines said: "How awful. Poor animals were left to die in that filth, so did a human live in there too? It didn't become like that overnight, how sad."

Fiona Groarke said: "Lazy selfish ownership, simply had to neuter from the get-go..poor cats!

Sue Harding said: "So so sad. And unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse. The shelters and fosters are maxed even vets are struggling.

"The new chipping system (I absolutely agree with it) has put so many more cats in shelters etc. It should be made law that ALL should be neutered unless a registered breeder.

"Anyone found to be breeding should face punishment.

"Stop thinking about your pockets and protect your pets the pets you claim to love.

Laura Newman said: "Unfortunately this is all too common now, people don't bother neutering their cats and they then continue to breed and inbreed.

"Working as a fosterer for CATS Rescue Gloucestershire - Swindon we are battling daily with poorly cats and kittens and we are always low on funds as we rely solely on donations.

"Please, please, please neuter your cats, if you see a poorly stray contact someone straight away instead of thinking someone else will do it.

"We'd rather have 10 messages about one cat than none and it continues to decline."

Abbie Hughes said: "Absolutely disgusting poor kitties. 

Bob Stevenson said: "A real tragedy this, someone died and the cats appear to have been left. 

"Says to me that there was no next of kin to go and check the property afterwards. 

"Truly, truly sad."

Of the six kittens taken to the Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home, only four have survived. 

Now the centre is seeking help from the public to care for the others which are battling with severe anaemia, respiratory infections, sore eyes, and other flu-like symptoms.

A CDCH spokesperson said: “The remaining kittens are on a fight for survival, and the path ahead is fraught with challenges.

“Our hearts break for them, and we are and will continue to do everything within our power to help them pull through.