I AM outraged by reports that suggest payments are being made by the EU to subsidise bullfighting which is illegal in the UK and most other European countries. I have tabled a written question to the European Commission asking for details of how much has been spent and which countries have benefited from the funding.

A ComRes poll commissioned by the League Against Cruel Sports found that 89 per cent of Britons would never visit a bullfight, whilst a Gallup poll showed that 67 per cent of Spaniards have no interest in bullfighting.

In a written question to the Commission on February 24, I asked: “Can the Commission provide details of how much money has been given to the bullfighting industry over the last five years, including details of how much of this funding individual member states have received, and could the Commission please justify this spending in light of growing public opposition to bullfighting?”

Bullfighting is a cruel and pointless activity that does not deserve to be called a sport. I find it outrageous that the Commission could justify this kind of spending. Public opposition to bullfighting is growing and I believe that the Commission should immediately stop any funding it may provide.

GLYNN FORD MEP South West England Belle Vue Road Cinderford Glos