AT a time when public confidence in elected Members of Parliament has taken a battering it seems as though Kate Hoey MP has seriously underestimated her priorities in using her time to garner support for the Countryside Alliance.

While other MPs are working hard to address the gulf which has developed between politicians and the public Ms Hoey should not be wasting time sending letters from the Commons on behalf of a bloodsports pressure group.

The Countryside Alliance may dress up its rural manifesto as a blueprint for putting the countryside at the heart of the future Government's policy but behind the gloss we all know it is a blatant plug for repeal of the Hunting Act.

With 75 per cent of the public supporting the Act which bans the cruelty of hunting it makes it even more galling that Ms Hoey feels this is a practical use of her time. At best this has been a case of poor timing, at worst it shows how out of touch she is with the majority of the electorate who abhor hunting.

DOUGLAS BATCHELOR Chief Executive Officer League Against Cruel Sports