RECENT events show just how mad this world is.

We have Labour's Pete Brown telling us that there is no crisis in the NHS dentist world, and the next day the Adver has front page news that there is a big dental health crisis.

We are then told by the Swindon south MP, Ms Snelgrove, that they are going to cure the problem, by getting dentists from overseas. That may be fine, but what about overseas.

Last November, there was a programme about Ghana, where, because of the nurse shortage, caused by them coming to either the UK, America or Canada, pregnant women have to go home and do the best they can to deliver the babies themselves.

Next we have the Industry Minister, under threat from the unions, rolling over and not making everybody work until they are 65, while private sector workers are told they will have to work until they are 67 at least. Now we find that in every council payment, month by month, 26 per cent goes to pay for public sector pensions. If they want to retire at 60, let them pay, not us.

Then Mr Hutton gets up in the house and says that the disability benefit is to be cut back.

Then we are told that another 4,000 troops are to be sent to Afghanistan.

Crime figures today show a big increase in violent crime and muggings. What is going on, do we have any more troops left in the UK?

Mr Blair should sit down, promise no more, and put his house in order, before the lights go out!

T Reynolds Swindon