SOME years ago some good people found a farm that bred guinea pigs for vivisection.

The animals suffered terribly and those lucky or unlucky enough to survive were sent to the notorious Huntingdon Life Science to be tortured and killed in useless experiments.

The good people started a campaign to close the farm down and save thousands of animals from suffering. The campaign was a long one, six years, but in the end the good people won and the bad people closed the farm down, without any injury.

Surely a time to rejoice but what happens? Three of the campaigners get 12 years in prison and one gets four years, and all because they wanted to stop animal cruelty.

It is frightening how much pressure the Government is putting on the judiciary to impose draconian sentences on Animal Rights activists purely to prop up the vivisection industry. Could it be that the largest donor to the Labour Party, who was given a peerage and made Science Minister, the unelected Lord Sainsbury, continues to make large profits from the vivisection circus.

Still one item of good news is that Tony Blair supports testing on animals. Tony normally backs losers and this will be no exception.

P BEAVEN Swindon