IN RESPONSE to the letter from Mr Wicks, which was the usual Labour rant for the day type letter, you would have noticed he never mentioned the fact that his pal Mr Blair, opened the floodgates for immigrants, as he thought the ratio of middle class and the rest should be corrected, so of course there are many now seeking jobs and housing, and he also never mentioned what the Labour Government did, when Hoover pulled out from Wales, did they get anyone else in to replace them. I think any money that was around, was going on such projects as the two carriers, being built, of course, in Scotland, and with no planes.

Perhaps he or his friend Mr Reeve will tell us what the manufacturing ouput was in ‘97 and what it was in May this year. If you are going to mention GDP and the figures about that, don’t forget to include the debt of the public pension fund deficit, and the ongoing debt of the current PFI schemes, where if you’re lucky, you can make five billion in profit. Mr Wicks also has a snipe at the millionaires of the cabinet, he never mentions how much Mr Blair has made in his quest for untold fortunes since he left office and the number of houses he now has, perhaps he will let them to some of the poor in the land, you’ll notice that his wife is so strapped for cash, that she is selling his signature on Ebay. He could also even, let us know how Mr Miliband made his money, if he has never had a ‘proper’ job.


Wheelever Avenue