AFTER Reading the letter from Dr John Forster-Heatlie (November 9), I was delighted to have the opportunity to discuss the issues raised with Dr Forster-Heatlie directly.

Firstly, I was asked on behalf of a resident to confirm the MOD travel expenses, for which the figures - like any Government expenditure - are regularly reviewed. Myself and my colleague Robert Buckland MP are often given suggestions for how taxpayers’ money can be saved, and we will always endeavour to forward these on to the relevant departments for consideration. I am delighted that Dr Forster-Heatlie will be bringing forward his own suggestions.

Secondly, in relation to my own travel expenses, I can confirm that I travel by train between Swindon and London once a week on a Super Saver Return ticket costing £39.80. I do not claim for first class travel, petrol or taxis, or nor will I claim for travel within Swindon or London. Following on from the expenses scandal which blighted all politicians, I also will not claim for food or mobile phone expenses.

The decision to share offices and staff with Robert Buckland MP means further significant savings are being made. Politicians have a long way to go to restore trust with the public; for my part, I will do my best always to treat taxpayers’ money with the same respect as I would my own.


Conservative, North Swindon

Milton Road