THURSDAY'S Advertiser featured an extensive piece about Laurie Pycroft and the Pro-test movement, a small group of people who support animal testing.

Although launched in January, all they have achieved are two poorly attended marches in Oxford.

These are insignificant compared to the support for the anti-vivisection protest.

What has happened to the marches planned for all over the country?

It is as I suspected, one ill-informed schoolboy trying to make a name for himself.

The support of Tony Blair has only served to dampen most people's enthusiasm for the outdated practice of vivisection.

The recent debate on BBC Newsnight showed that vivisectors had lost the argument.

One thing I do agree with is that all products that have been tested on animals should have a sticker to that effect.

It would be an apology for the benefits of that particular drug having been delayed due to the futility of animal testing.

Anyone wishing for a balanced view can look at the SPEAK website by logging on to

P BEAVEN Swindon