I USUALLY enjoy the letters from Mary Ratcliffe as they are usually well argued but when it comes to the monarchy she has lost all touch with reality. Perhaps she thinks she really is Queen Victoria. I suggests she reads ‘War of the Windsors’ by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior and get an understanding of what a shower they are. As for her latest eulogy on the royal wedding in Tuesday’s Adver she has not mentioned the protestors, albeit that besides those arrested on the day there were a lot of arrests carried out the day before on people who might be thinking of protesting.

Strange how our wonderful police operate as though they were in Syria or Iran when it comes to animal rights or anti-monarchy protests. As to the new arrivals on the gravy train. The last time I spoke to Mary Ratcliffe we were discussing and agreeing about the evils of hunting and people who kill animals for fun. My enduring image of William is, teeth bared, trying to run down an anti-hunt demonstrator and it is of Kate Middleton holding a gun, learning how to shoot deer. Nice people.

PHILIP BEAVEN Merton Avenue Swindon