Well, you learn something new every day don't you? And it's amazing what you can discover in the Twittersphere.  Until some interactions on Twitter yesterday I had no idea of the existence of Swindon Travel Choices. Well, actually that's not strictly true - I had seen persons on the bus wearing polo-shirts emblazoned with the company name but I assumed it referred to a bucket holiday-shop. Not so.

Swindon Travel Choices is a project to support the regeneration of Swindon Town Centre by promoting different travel choices to the people who work in the town centre and live in the borough.

So whether you walk, cycle, drive, use the bus or possibly even if you jet-pack from place to place, Swindon Travel choices is the site to go to. There's maps and journey planners and all manner of useful stuff on the website - best thing to do is go and have a look. For instance in the 'walking' section of the site you can download a copy of a magazine or request a copy to be sent to you in the post. The current issue has a feature on the West Swindon sculpture tour about which I've been banging on ad nauseum. Hurrah! It's lovely to see that featured.

So, dust down your walking shoes or dig out your cycle clips and visit this site for all sorts of inspiration.