As is so often the case with posts on Born again Swindonian, this one  has arisen from a chat on social media, in this instance Twitter, with Chloe, a Swindonian, aka @BosPeeps. 

During our chat she told me about a music blog and YouTube channel she is launching. And as regular listeners will know I do like to get stuff ‘out there’ on Born again Swindonian. So if you are a music lover then this might well be one to watch:
“Lightkeeper Music is a music blog and YouTube channel. I love music so much, both performing and listening, so I thought I would make this blog and YouTube channel to share that love. New, old, unsigned or signed: all will be featured. Any genre too. The blog is there for people to read up on music and the YouTube channel is there for  people who enjoy visual content. You could even visit both of course!
I have plans for there to be a range of content and series such as Saturday Sessions, Spotlight On, charts and Throwback Tunesday.
If you are an artist/band and would like to be featured, then email me at
You can go to my blog here:
And my YouTube channel here:
If you want to connect on the Twittersphere you’ll find on: – @LightkeeperMus
Please check it out and support it.  Thank you –  from Chloe”

On the subject of music I’m going to take this opportunity – it’s a good excuse while talking about music and YouTube – to to share a YouTube clip of Hitesh Mistry,  the son of a friend of mine who, at the tender age of 14/15 is a talented singer/songwriter. He lives in Swindon and I love how the video is filmed around around Swindon. Here it is: