After a lacklustre European Championships, the real deal returns this weekend, as the Football League storms back into life.

As thousands of fans are excitedly waiting to witness their team kick-off a new season, the lack of transfer activity at the County Ground has seemed to quell some Town fans excitement for the season ahead.

Former Town loanee Lawrence Vigouroux and midfielders Johnny Goddard and Conor Thomas are the three new names to arrive at the County Ground over the summer.

I understand the frustration felt by many as the squad going into this weekend’s opener with Coventry City is short on numbers and the necessary quality needed to push for an improved finish in League One.

But I would side err on the side of caution before we get out are pitch forks and head down to SN1 to demand answers.

The Town chairman is carrying on his trend of late arrivals, as all three of the pre-seasons under our former caretaker manager have lacked much transfer activity in July.

This time last year we saw the majority of incoming transfers in August, and during the summer of 2014, we’d only signed two new players by August 6.

I’m confident the new arrivals will turn up eventually, and I’m sure the chairman will use all the time available to him, so expect incomings throughout the month.

Town desperately needs another centre back and striker to even compete at the same level as last season.

With Jordan Turnbull returning to Southampton, and Town carrying on a well known Swindon tradition of underselling your most talent players, as Nicky Ajose showed his gratitude in full to Swindon for helping revive his career, and quickly packed his bags and moved to Charlton Athletic.

I’m still holding out hope and putting my faith in the owner that if he seriously wants any success for Town over the next year, he will put his money where his mouth is this month.

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