TOWN’S troubles at home plumbed a new low on Saturday as Bolton Wanderers took full advantage of an all-too-familiar home performance.

The goalscoring form of Swindon’s front two seemed to be one of the main talking points at full-time as neither Nathan Delfouneso or Luke Norris have scored a league goal between them this season.

The news that Jonathan Obika is set to be out for a number of weeks with another injury was a huge blow and turned out to be crucial.

If Lloyd Jones, Michael Doughty and Obika played last weekend, we would not have lost that game.

Not once this season have Town been able to field their strongest XI due to injuries, a tough situation that hopefully doesn’t turn out to be fatal next April.

After the game reports surfaced that head coach Luke Williams had a meeting with owner and chairman Lee Power, presumably to discuss the reasons behind Town’s fourth home league defeat on the bounce.

Normally when you hear those stories come out of the club it tends to mean it’s the end of the road for the man in charge, but as we know, the set-up on the pitch at the County Ground isn’t down to the head coach alone.

As the chairman, Power has an influence on every aspect of the club, including how we play, and which players are signed and sold.

Calling for Williams to be sacked is pointless. If you want real change, the whole set-up including the owner would have to go.

With that looking unlikely, what we have in place is set to stay.

The only real difference that can be made is moving Williams back to first team coach and restructuring the management team to include a manager.

Could the owner convince his good friend Tim Sherwood to drop down the divisions and take on the Town job?

It’s highly unlikely, but in football you can’t rule anything out.

The ideal situation for the chairman is to see results improve quickly so he can stick with his preferred set-up.

But if things continue in the same vein over the next few weeks, he’ll have no choice but to make changes to the management of the club.

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