Menzies Swindon Hotel is hosting a free training session entitled ‘Managing Workplace Stress’ presented by Richmond Fellowship WorkLife for the Swindon Mindful Employer Network on Thursday 21st June.

The network aims to increase awareness of mental health and well-being issues among local employers and arranges events, training and conferences which are attractive to Swindon businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Hiren Varvadekar, General Manager of the Menzies Swindon Hotel comments: “Menzies Hotel takes the well-being of our staff very seriously indeed which is why I am extremely pleased to welcome the Swindon Mindful Employer Network on 21st June. We take the view that supporting our people makes excellent business sense and I believe our customers see the difference this makes in the service they receive. We are particularly encouraged by the success and popularity of the network and look forward to working with Richmond Fellowship Wiltshire on this valuable training course on managing stress in the workplace.”

The experienced trainers will be Adrian Embling and Lisa Monis of Richmond Fellowship WorkLife which supports local employees and employers in helping people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression back into their place of work.

The workshop will cover important areas of identifying stress and reducing its impact, handling absence and return to work issues and tackling the myths of mental illness.

Adrian Embling who is a Senior Employment Advisor at Richmond Fellowship Wiltshire says: “The fact remains that mental illness in the workplace is still one of the major issues facing businesses and employees today. With the added pressure of uncertain economic times – there is a growing urgency for employers to manage stress before it erodes the financial and performance base of their companies. This training workshop will give them some useful tips on how to meet these important challenges.”

Stop Press BBC Wiltshire broadcaster and producer Mark Jones will be taking part in the free ‘Managing Workplace Stress’ course on 21st June at the Menzies Swindon Hotel. “I am delighted to take part in this free training workshop for Swindon employers. This has been a subject of particular interest to me and I am so very aware that there is a rising tide of issues surrounding stress at work. I believe employers need to devote more time to supporting staff who genuinely face mental illness associated with their employment. I am looking forward to working with Adrian Embling of Richmond Fellowship WorkLife and the Swindon Mindful Employer Network on this excellent initiative at the Menzies Hotel on 21st June.”

More details regarding our media and business partners for ‘Managing Workplace Stress’ will be announced shortly.

Swindon employers interested in sending representatives to this one-off event need to contact Delegates require confirmation of booking by email.

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