FOOTBALL is an unpredictable game; it’s one of the reasons we keep coming back week after week and season after season, because you never know when it might just be your year for success.

Last weekend, every fan inside the County Ground could relate to the unpredictable nature of not only football, but Swindon Town.

The first 30 minutes against Southend were the worst I’ve seen Town play for years, but what followed was a joy to behold.

It was like someone flicking a switch and suddenly all 11 players remembered not only how to play football, but how they played the game 12 months ago.

It was great to finally see Yaser Kasim start to resemble the player we know and love from last season. Throughout this campaign, Yaser has been sleepwalking through games, and hasn’t looked interested.

If we want to achieve anything this season, last weekend’s performance needs to be start of his long-awaited return to form.

Along with Yaser, it was encouraging to see some progress from young full-back Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill.

Ever since he arrived in Wiltshire last summer, the former Arsenal defender has failed to impress in his handful of starts. There were signs of progress last weekend as he had by far his best game for the club.

If he’s allowed a regular run in the side it will be interesting to see if he takes his opportunity or buckles under the pressure.

Despite all being well up front, with Jon Obika and Nicky Ajose forming a potent partnership, our back line is still in need of reinforcement.

It was welcome news to hear Jack Stephens could make a return to the County Ground in the near future after his loan deal to Middlesbrough was cut short.

Jack played a pivotal role in Town’s success last season, and would add the quality currently lacking at the back, but would he want to return to a side that can’t decide if they want to fight relegation or for promotion?

If he does decide to return, it would be such an important signing that it could almost guarantee our safety in League One and make us start to look up instead of down.

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