A CREDIBLE draw with play-off bound Walsall and three points last weekend against Chesterfield have finally secured Town's League One safety.

The major difference in those games from the previous dreadful two months has been the presence of the enigma that is Yaser Kasim.

Most of the Town squad has endured up and down campaigns, but Yaser’s season has been the most inconsistent by some distance.

The Iraqi international seemed to be on his way out of the County Ground last summer with the rest of our successful play-off side, but for whatever reason the talented defensive midfielder didn’t get his move.

Unfortunately, going by some of his performances, it looked like he struggled to focus on the job at the County Ground.

But over the January transfer window we again saw the best of the 24-year-old and rumours of a potential move to Swansea surfaced.

Deadline day came and went, with Yaser still a Swindon player.

After his winter resurgence failed to end in a move, we saw two more games in February until injury kept him out until a couple of weeks ago.

Since his return he’s looked like the player we all know and love.

He was a joy to watch on Saturday, by far the most creative player on the pitch, his linked up play and partnership with Michael Doughty was better than anything else seen in Town’s midfield this season.

As for Doughty, it’s essential chairman Lee Power makes a concerted effort to sign him on a full-time deal.

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