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Now that’s democracy

With the debate about Brexit still rumbling on, I decided, after spending an evening with a bunch of bigots at a family party, to investigate people’s opinions on Brexit.

I managed to get a total of 64 people aged 21-77 to tell me how they voted and the results were 47 per cent leave and 53 per cent remain.

However... if the referendum was held again seven people who voted remain would change their vote to Brexit, thus changing the result to 58 per cent leave and 42 per cent remain.

These seven people who would change believe that democracy and upholding the will of the majority is more important than their beliefs on Europe.

If this is replicated across the country it would make a second referendum a complete waste of time, as all that would happen is the percentage to leave Europe would increase.

MR A COLLINS, Broome Manor Lane, Swindon

No common sense

I THOUGHT I had read everything until on the front of the SA Monday November 6 there was a story to end all stories: £30k to go 200 yards.

I refer to hospital chiefs at GWH considering spending £30,000 on a car to transport patients to a care centre 200 yards from the hospital. No wonder the NHS is in the mess it’s in. What’s wrong in putting patients in wheelchairs and pushing them across if they can’t walk themselves?

And also, if Arriva are not doing the job they are getting paid for, stop their contract and get another firm in to do the job.

It’s common sense but that seems to be in short supply.

MRS TOWNSEND, Redcliffe Street, Rodbourne

Such hypocrisy

Another gathering of the climate change believers is meeting in Bonn, Germany.

Their measures to combat climate change seem to ignore their methods of getting to this brain storming session.

Most will have flown in via an aeroplane.

At the time when some made the “discovery” of climate warming, air transport had just moved up to higher operating heights (30,000 feet).

At this altitude the atmosphere is much more rarefied than at sea level, hence emissions at these heights should have a far greater impact on warming than those at lower altitude.

If these conference-goers accept the hypothesis that climate warming is caused by emissions of carbon dioxide then they should be more concerned with phasing out our air transport rather than shutting down all of our current coal-fired electricity generation.

But, of course, such activity would ruin their little junkets like the one currently being held in Bonn.

NOEL GARDNER, Carlisle Avenue, Old Town, Swindon