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Legion’s important role

Correspondent Howard March states “The British Legion seems quite happy to endlessly keep adding to the list of those to be remembered” (Adver, November 11).

I suggest the very opposite is the truth, I am sure the British legion would like nothing more than to have a sustained and even permanent period when no British serviceman or woman died as a result of any conflict in the world. However, they are not an arm of government, they are not a part of the Ministry of Defence, they are a charity set up to support those who fought and returned. The story of Royal Marine Harris Tatakis is testament to the role played by the British Legion.

Howard makes a very positive comment when he states “the best way to honour the sacrifices of the past is to work to make sure such sacrifice is unnecessary in future”. I guess we would all ‘amen’ to that, but unfortunately war and conflict exists for many reasons and over millennia philosophers and wise men have sought to understand and explain the rationale which sees people fighting each other for territory, wealth and yes, security.

Patient years of ‘peace building’ has not stopped civil war in Africa, conflict in the Middle East and nor will it until the mindset of the protagonists changes. For some people the concept of violent altercation to achieve their ends is so embedded in their psyche that I suspect no amount of ‘attempting to understand them’ will achieve much in terms of peace. But I am glad there are organisations which are committed to trying.

In the meantime we should recognise the very important role the Royal British Legion plays in our national life.

DES MORGAN, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Heading for Remexit

In reply to Don Reeve (Adver, November 9) it was true that Brexiteers were looking forward to a trade bonanza for the British fishing industry after we left the EU in 2019.

Unfortunately the Government has already negotiated away our fisheries as part of the divorce deal.

EU quotas have driven North Sea cod close to extinction and this system of quotas and discards is now set to continue indefinitely.

Britain should beware of trade deals. Edward Heath sold the Common Market to the voters as simply a trade deal in 1973.

Theresa May is now pressing for a new trade deal with the EU. This will involve a further loss of sovereignty in return for free trade. The hope of a genuine Brexit has been lost and we are moving towards a half way house compromise Remexit deal to satisfy the remain supporters in parliament.

STEVE HALDEN, Beaufort Green, Swindon

No harm in a quick slap

Thank you David Collins for living in the same world as me with regard to ‘A slap or the cane never did me any harm’. There are far too many ‘Do Gooders’ in this world and ‘yes’, we do need a logical approach to many things but I have joined the ‘David Collins Appreciation Society’ on that one! It never did me any harm either!

CHRIS GLEED, Proud Close, Purton