Roadworks confusion

Might I suggest that when a new owner takes over at Swindon Town F.C. they change the strip to red, amber and green to be in keeping with the council and their road planning.

No matter which way you approach the town a person is confronted with road works, many of which are months over their promised finish date!

After getting through them every district is in the same condition. To make matters worse, on Tuesday the road from Thamesdown Drive to Ash Brake was closed, but coming south by the Blunsdon Arms a sign erected said Road Closed, yet by its side another large yellow sign with the words Diversion with a large black arrow pointing to the crossroads.

It seems as if even the road workers are confused!

J.H. Oliver

Brooklands Ave

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Help for teens to get nude images of themselves off internet

A tool that works to help young people get nude images or videos removed from the internet has been launched by the NSPCC’s Childline service and the Internet Watch Foundation.

The Report Remove tool can be used by any young person under 18 to report a nude image or video of themselves that has appeared online.

The IWF will then review this content and work to have it removed if it breaks the law.

The circumstances in which a young person may share a self-generated sexual image can vary. Some may have sent an image for fun, or to a boyfriend or girlfriend which has then subsequently been shared without their consent.

Whilst others may have been groomed online or blackmailed into sharing this content.

The IWF has seen reports of self-generated images more than double from January to April this year, compared with the same period last year increasing from 17,500 to 38,000.

Our trained Childline counsellors know the devastating impact that the sharing of nude images can have on a young person. Some young people told our counsellors they felt embarrassed, fearful and self-loathing, while others had concerns about the long-term impact on their future prospects - and some revealed they’d turned to self-harm to cope with their situation.

The Report Remove tool can be found on the Childline website and young people can expect the same level of confidentiality that they would from all their interactions with Childline.

They do not need to provide their real name to Childline or IWF if they don’t want to.

Emma Motherwell

Local Campaigns Manager

NSPCC in the South West

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