An attack on our environment

Having worked on building sites for most of my life. I am used to visual untidy sights as the progress for better things to ensue.

However in my area of Covingham, from roadworks to underground cables for something I presume is to do with the internet. This has been going on for ages.

It would be interesting to find out through the letters pages if other areas in Swindon are suffering the same scenario.

For better things to ensue, I have serious doubts on that one.

It would be interesting to find out if Covingham stands alone in this never-ending attack on our environment.

Bill Williams,

Merlin Way,



More choices are needed at the polls

In reply to Bill Williams' letter (Nothing changes however you vote, May 13), I went to my polling station in Broadgreen Centre (Central Ward) on May 5 to cast my vote.

The only choice I had was the usual three political parties - Labour, Conservative and Lib Dems - none of whom had anything to offer apart from the usual tired old policies.

Unlike several other wards across Swindon, there were candidates from the Green Party and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Party standing, at least giving the voters in those wards an alternative and something to vote for.

With the electorate in Swindon having very little choice at the polling booth, is it really any surprise that no ward across town had a decent voter turnout?

Mark Webb,


Not learning from roadworks mistakes

Dear Sir,

Does our council never learn from its past mistakes?

While the Oxford Road and Covingham Roundabout are subject to major road works, the council have now allowed both Swindon Road and Kingsdown Road to be subject to single alternate traffic restrictions.

All roads east (bar Queens Drive) now have significant delays so I advocate that anyone wishing to leave town should go west!

Typically while this is happening, here in Upper Stratton, our two Conservative councillors remain anonymous when it comes to representing the interests of their electorate.

Only our single “opposition” councillor seems to be interested.

I dread to think what the traffic situation will be once Panattoni complete their redevelopment of the Honda site and create the 7,000 jobs predicted.

Maybe the new bus boulevard will solve that problem.

I remain sceptical.

James Croton

Derwent Drive

Upper Stratton